TCP has opened a Regenerative Medicine Center (RMC) at Mega Medical Complex to provide quality autologous micronized fat, PRP and SVF therapy for Osteoarthritis and other chronic diseases and sports injuries. The center has state of the art automated equipment for micronized fat and SVF preparation.




Clinic 94 4th Floor Mega Medical Center

Anti Aging

Feel Fit, look fit and Hair Loss

Aging has been a concept which is about staying healthy and fit as we grow old with age. People usually tend to think that because of age, our organs become weak, but in reality, our body cells age and so our organs get damaged or weak affecting the normal functioning of the body and hence we start looking and feeling old. In this regard, now it is possible to increase the strength of these workers (cells) by adding them in number from other sources such as Fat, wherein these cells are found in abundance.

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Anti Aging

Feel Fit, look fit and Hair Loss

Our Anti-Ageing Cellular therapy treatment is tailored to analyze contributing factor; whether genetic, biological or environmental that is inducing the overall ageing process of the person. Various risk factors with the patients are assessed to determine potentially extrinsic and intrinsic causes, contributing to the premature ageing of the person. Our main goal is to manage ageing related issues such as facial anti-ageing treatments, hair loss treatments and enhancing overall health by boosted stamina, vigor and energy.
With wide-ranging research studies, these challenges are now understandable to therapeutic undertakings resulting in new treatments of anti-aging using autologous treatment for adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells treatment. This new perception on the treatment of anti-aging has helped in recognizing the potential to overcome anti-aging with cells therapy, primarily using autologous regenerative cells.