TCP has opened a Regenerative Medicine Center (RMC) at Mega Medical Complex to provide quality autologous micronized fat, PRP and SVF therapy for Osteoarthritis and other chronic diseases and sports injuries. The center has state of the art automated equipment for micronized fat and SVF preparation.




Clinic 94 4th Floor Mega Medical Center


For ages, the face has been considered the most prominent feature of the human being, and the motivation to alter its appearance for cosmetic purposes is as old target as history of plastic surgery. Facial rejuvenation refers to any cosmetic treatment that renews the surface appearance of the skin. Rejuvenation treatments are typically for superficial skin concerns such as wrinkles, dark spots, scarring, and skin laxity, which are all skin-related concerns that occur on the upper-to-mid layers of the dermis.

The purpose of a rejuvenation treatment is to incite the body’s natural regenerative abilities, specifically the skin’s ability to heal from energy and turn over new skin cells. You can think of rejuvenation treatments as fresh starts for your surface skin cells, which can help refresh your appearance for a youthful, radiant appearance.

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Micronized fat is a new therapy in the area of regenerative medicine which repairs any damage in the body and especially outstanding results can obtained to treat osteoarthritis and facial rejuvenation. The micronized fat is rich in  cells and growth factors which provide best healing response. It has given hope for new treatment options for many acute and chronic diseases like improvement in bone, joints and also healing of wounds etc. 

In this procedure liposuction is done to isolate adipose tissue and later processed by specially designed kits to micro and nano fat which have highest number of viable cells. The fat and SVF is injected into the damaged area to repair the damage and face looks younger again.