TCP has opened a Regenerative Medicine Center (RMC) at Mega Medical Complex to provide quality autologous micronized fat, PRP and SVF therapy for Osteoarthritis and other chronic diseases and sports injuries. The center has state of the art automated equipment for micronized fat and SVF preparation.




Clinic 94 4th Floor Mega Medical Center

Skin Burns

PRP Therapy for Wound Healing:
In this procedure, patients own Platelet Rich Plasma has been well acknowledged since more than two decades to be an advanced treatment that is highly effective for many chronic as well as acute wounds. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is the enriched fraction of patient’s own blood, so much so that it is been enriched above the baseline values of normal platelets. Studies have shown that this clear suspension holding red cells, white cells and platelets can effectively activate clotting mechanism while releasing various different proteinaceous growth factors that are essential for rapid healing and closure.
Platelets principally help in offering structural support and building up of matrix to regenerate damaged organelles of the tissues. Their identified secretions, such as platelet-derived growth factors, transforming growth factors, angiogenesis factors, vascular endothelial growth factors, etc. allow speedy epithelization and faster sealing of the area of the chronic wound. The important storage organelles of platelets, such as dense and alpha granules will activate the immunoregulatory mechanisms to kick-start rapid healing processes, though.
Inflammation: In order to remove harmful stimuli of body’s own immune cells and offer further protection against damaged cells, irritants as well as pathogens.
Regeneration: New cells are being regenerated quickly, to restore functional attributes of damaged tissues.
Recreation: New vasculature is being recreated to allow rapid blood circulation for easy passage.
Moreover, the platelet enriched PRP can play an important role in offering host defense mechanism; around the site of the exposed wound by prompting different chemical signaling pathways to attract immune warriors like macrophages, white blood cells and interleukins for the complete protection from infection.
Accordingly, various clinical studies have confirmed the feasibility, safety as well as the efficacy of the said topical growth factor supplements as an effective adjuvant for offering complete wound care solution.

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